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Joint Science & Technology Fund

General Information

The U.S. - Egypt Science and Technology (S&T) Joint Fund was established under an Agreement between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt on Science and Technology Cooperation to strengthen scientific and technological capabilities between the two countries. The objectives of this cooperation are to expand relations between the two scientific and technological communities, utilize science and apply technology to exchange ideas, information, skills, and techniques, and to collaborate on scientific and technological endeavors of mutual interest to promote economic development.

The Joint Fund is governed by the U.S. - Egypt Joint Board, which is composed of six members each from the United States and Egypt.  It determines priorities among fields of cooperative activities based on mutual interests of both countries, recommends overall policies for the program, identifies areas and forms of cooperation, and approves the cooperative activities to receive funds.  In so doing, the Joint Board shall consider the needs and capabilities of scientific and technological communities including the private sector in each country.

Joint Fund grants provide financial resources to support the add-on costs of bilateral cooperation. Applications submitted to the Joint Board should include strong elements of mutual interest and benefit, high scientific quality, and potential developmental impact on economy and society. Joint activities should be carried out in accordance with international obligations, national laws and regulations of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United States of America.

Eligible Applicants

Researchers from U.S. and Egyptian scientific institutes, universities, scientific societies, private sector companies, and governmental agencies are eligible to apply. Applications are due by May 12, 2015.

Types of Activities Supported

For the 2015 announcement, support for competitively awarded research and development cooperation takes the form of:

Junior Scientist Development Visit Grants:

  • Short term, non-academic training visits for Egyptian and U.S. researchers to host country institutions.
    • Up to a maximum of $30,000 USD;
    • No more than 9 months in duration.

To access the Junior Scientist application packet, visit either or

Collaborative Research Grants: 

  • Intended to foster research collaboration between Egyptian and U.S. scientists.
    • Up to  $200,000 USD maximum each side;
    • 2-to-3 years in duration.

The proposal application packet may be accessed from: or

Research Areas

The Joint Board will consider Junior Scientist Development Visit applications or Collaborative Research Grant proposals from the following five priority fields of science in basic or applied research with developmental impact:

  • Agriculture
  • Energy, including renewable
  • ICT applications
  • Health
  • Water

Application Submission

Either the Egyptian or U.S. principal investigator (PI) may upload the jointly prepared proposal to STDF’s website at  Please note that proposals submitted as hard copies or sent via email to either side will not be considered.  Any application not conforming to the submission guidelines will be deemed ineligible and returned without review.

NAS and STDF are the primary contacts for program inquiries:

U.S. Point of Contact

Ms. Joan Mahoney
Program Officer
National Academy of Sciences (NAS)

Egypt Point of contact

Ms. Ghada Ghaleb
Operations Officer
Science & Technology Development Fund (STDF)