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Press Release

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Visits Mama Maggie

September 4, 2012

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne W. Patterson visited “Mama Maggie” Gobran and her charitable organization today to view the work being undertaken to help some of Egypt’s poorest children in Cairo’s Muqattam neighborhood.

“Mama Maggie is an example to us all,” said the Ambassador.  “She shows that compassion, dedication, and commitment can lift up entire communities by providing care to poor children, the most vulnerable Egyptian citizens.”

A former lecturer in computer science at Cairo University, “Mama Maggie” Gobran came from a prominent Coptic family, she taught computer science and lectured at Cairo University.  Today, her Mama Maggie Group provides services to over 25,000 families in Egypt with 80 clinics, 80 community education centers, 65 camps, and five vocational centers.  The charity emphasizes direct interaction between its workers and poor families, with each employee taking direct responsibility for four or five families and visiting them weekly.