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Renew Your Visa by Mail
  • The applicant is renewing a full validity visa
  • Applicant has not been refused a visa after the expiration of a previously issued visa
  • The previous visa was issued on or after June 27, 2007
  • The previous visa is still valid, or expired within the past 12 months
  • The applicant is applying in the same visa category and at the same issuing Embassy/Consulate
  • The applicant is applying in his/her country of residence and is currently physically located in his/her country of residence.
  • The previous visa is still in the applicant’s possession
  • The applicant is returning to the same institution or workplace as was indicated in the previous visa application (except B visas)
  • The Applicant has never been arrested or convicted of a crime, deported from the United States, or denied entry to the United States 
  • All sections of the DS-160 online application have been answered completely and accurately
  • Applicants who meet ALL of the conditions above may apply for a renewal by mail by submitting an online application through and then bringing the following to their local Aramex location to be mailed to the Embassy:
    • Their current passport, and any prior passports with U.S. visas in them.
    • A receipt from CIB documenting payment of the visa fee.
    • A printed confirmation from your online visa application
    • One passport-sized photograph

Students and exchange visitors must include proof of payment of the SEVIS fee along with their form I-20/I-20M/DS-2019.