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Egypt-U.S. Partnership Projects

Egypt-U.S. Partnership Projects

  • The people and governments of Egypt and the United States enjoy a long-standing partnership in a wide and diverse set of areas from economic development and medical research to exchange programs and cultural preservation.  Egyptians and Americans work together on these projects for the sake of a better future for both countries in a spirit of mutual interest and mutual respect.

  • Economic Growth
    Supporting Egypt’s Economy
    Egypt and the United States work closely together on developing Egypt's economy.  U.S. taxpayers have contributed nearly $30 billion (178 billion Egyptian Pounds) towards this effort for decades.  These funds have contributed to Egyptian projects to build capacity and develop resources.
  • Justice and Democracy
    Supporting Egypt’s Democratic Transition

    The United States works with Egyptian and U.S. organizations to promote respect for human rights and political freedom, build a free and fair elections process, advance media professionalism and political party development, and increase youth and women’s participation. 

  • Investing in People
    Investing in People

    Successful democratic transitions depend upon an expansion of growth and broad-based prosperity.  Harnessing the energy and skills of Egypt's talented young men and women is a top priority for the Egypt-U.S. partnership through a variety of programs including entrepreneurship and vocational training initiatives.

  • Security Pic place holder
    Security Assistance and Cooperation for a New Egypt

    The U.S. Government works with Egyptian partners on a wide variety of security issues including supporting the rule of law, police training, and protecting human rights.

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