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In Case of Emergency

In an emergency event involving a U.S. citizen during and after business hours, please contact the ACS Unit via the main U.S. Embassy Cairo telephone number: (20-2) 2797-3300.

The American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit ONLY answers telephone calls involving emergency events. Emergency events include arrests, hospitalizations, welfare and whereabouts requests, deaths, child custody cases, repatriations, and lost/stolen passports.

If you have a question about non-emergency services like the status of a passport application or Social Security benefits, please send an email to the ACS Unit at CONSULARCAIROACS@STATE.GOV. The email should include your name, passport number, phone number, and question. The ACS Unit will respond to your email enquiry within 48 business hours.


The ACS Unit DOES NOT answer ANY telephone calls about non-emergency services such as Social Security Benefits, the status of passport applications, or the status of Consular Report of Birth Abroad applications. Phone calls not deemed an emergency by the ACS Unit will be disconnected.